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Notowanie nr 1305 z 6.10. 2019 r.

01.Mela Koteluk „Żurawie origami”      
02.Coldplay „Trouble”                
03.Fish „Mr 1470”                         
04.Rainbow „Death Alley Driver”           
05.Paul McCartney „Dress Me Up As A Robber”
06.Asaf Avidan „Different Pulses”          
07.Hozier „Take Me To Church”            
08.Mike Oldfield „Nuclear”                 
09.Within Temptation feat. Piotr Rogucki
   „Whole World Is Watching”               
10.Brathanki „Czerwone korale”          
11.Skunk Anansie
   „I Hope You Get To Meet Your Hero”      
12.Mech „Grzech wiara lęk”                
13.Rolling Stones „Hearts For Sale”       
14.Queen „Delilah”                         
15.Volbeat & Sarah Blackwood
   „Lonesome Rider”                        
16.Damian Rice
   „It Takes A Lot To Know A Man”        
17.Urszula „Ja płaczę”                     
18.Brayan Ferry „New Town”                
19.Ayreon feat. Anneke van Giersbergen &
   Jonas Renkse „Waking Dreams”            
20.Genesis „Robbery, Assault And Battery”
21.Santana „Una Noche En Napoles”                                                   
22.Artur Rojek „Lato 76”                                                             
23.Beth Hart „Caught Out In The Rain”      
24.Midge Ure „Tumbling Down”               
25.Edyta Geppert „Mamo... córko”           
26.James Blunt „Breathe”                 
27.The Cranberries „Roses”                 
28.Alanis Morissette „Magical Child”       
29.Gossip „Melody Emergency”                          
30.Sinéad O'Connor „Take Me To Church”     
31.Ozzy Osbourne
   „See You On The Other Side”            
32.Suzanne Vega „Fool’s Complaint”                  
33.Meat Loaf „Original Sin”             
34.Paul Rodgers „Walk On By”              
35.Steve Hackett „In Memoriam”             
36.Scott Stapp „Jesus Was A Rockstar”      
37.Creedence Clearwater Rivival
   „Walk On The Water”                    
38.Michael Jackson
   „They Don’t Care About Us”              
39.Bee Gees „Words”                       
40.Leonard Cohen „Almost Like The Blues”                                                                                                                                                                       
41.Oi Va Voi „Every Time”                
42.Coria „Osiem (VIII)”                                                                                                                       
43.Judas Priest „Halls Of Walhalla”                   
44.Marianne Faithfull „Sparrows Will Sing”         
45.Simple Minds „Woman”                    
46.Fiction Plane „Russian LSD”            
47.Julio Iglesias „Mammy Blue”            
48.Donna Summer
   „She Works Hard For The Money”          
49.Slash feat. Myles Kennedy And
   The Conspirators „Anastasia”           
50.Neil Diamond „Nothing But A Heartache”  

Hey „4 pory”
Belinda Carlisle „Heaven Is A Place On Earth”
Supertramp „And The Light”
Aerosmith „Taste Of India”

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