01.Elvis Presley „Fever”                                                                      
02.Wilki „Eli Lama Sabachtani”                                                       
03.Skunk Anasie „Death To The Lovers”                                                             
04.Sorry Boys „Zwyczajne Cuda”                       
05.Asaf Avidan „Bang Bang”                     
06.London Symphony Orchestra &
   Marianne Faithful „Ruby Tuesday”            
07.Scorpions „House Of Cards”                                                                                                             
08.Extreme „Seven Sundays”                     
09.Bad Company „Electricland”                       
10.Rainbow „Fire Dance”                            
11.Thin Lizzy „Dancin’ In The Moonligh
   (It's Caught Me In Its Spotlight)”      
12.Hard Times „Ballada o Czarnym Marcinie”       
13.Julee Cruise „Into The Night”                
14.Mela Koteluk „Wielkie nieba”                 
15.Nocny Kochanek „Zdrajca metalu”                                           
16.Deep Purple „Stormbringer”                     
17.Volbeat „Dead But Rising”                                                
18.Queen „Jesus”                                                            
19.Budgie „Wondering What Everone Knows”                   
20.Patti Smith „This Is The Girl”