01.Björk „Army Of Me”                             
02.Deep Purple „Vavoom: Ted The Mechanic”              
03.Xcarnation „Everlasting”                     
04.Oasis „Don't Look Back In Anger”            
05.Atmosphere „Zamykam oczy”                    
06.Krzysztof Krawczyk „Bo jesteś Ty”                     
07.David Gilmour
   „Dancig Right In Front Of Me”                
08.Queen „Killer Queen”                        
09.Brodka „Granda”                               
10.Bon Jovi „Who Would You Die For?”        
11.Mike Oldfield „I Give Myself Away”          
12.Whitesnake „Standing In The Shadows”         
13.Within Temptation „All I Need”           
14.Nightwish „Wish I Had An Angel”                  
15.Jon Anderson „Surrender”                       
16.ZZ Top „Blue Jean Blues”                 
17.Tight Fit „The Lion Sleeps Tonight”         
18.Santana „Leave Me Alone”                    
19.Ayreon & Anneke van Giersbergen
   „Valley Of The Queens”                           
20.Black Sabbath „She's Gone”                   

/ Grosiak „Alunia”                             
LP „Other People”
Joe Bonamassa „Drive”
Fleetwood Mac „Oh Well (Part 1 & 2)”